IUNGO combines powerful software and dedicated experts to give you reliability, peace of mind and control over your supply chain.

Realiability, peace of mind, transparent information and total control over your supply chain.

Your IUNGO’s Dashboard gives you a complete vision of what is happening with your logistics, which products are on board or to be shipped or how many days you have before it arrives. Beside that you have an expert in control of every shipment if any problem happens on the way.

More than just technology

You will have team of experts dedicated to each shipment. With responsible, confident and motivated people to take your international cargo to the destination in time. Our promise is to give you a transparent service and no excuses.

Transparent rates as you have never seen

IUNGO gives you transparent rates with no hidden costs. We organize your invoices and help with your financial forecast. Your finance team will love you.

Communication that flows

No more hundreds of emails to know what’s been happening. Everything you need to know or communicate it’s in the platform. If you have any problem or doubt we will be there to help you and anyone you want to know about it.

We help you make better decisions

IUNGO provides the information you need to know what’s been happening to your logistics or to make a better decision on your next shipments, all that in seconds. The more information or shipments have been done with us, more the knowledge you can get from it. Our goal is to help you improve your supply chain every day.


Inventory visibility that means optimize your cash flow

At every shipment, you can add the products you have in it. With that you can have a full visibility of your SKUs in transit, plan better your finances and optimize your working capital. With a reliable shipment tracking you can also control better your stock level.

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